Hypertrophic Scarring 

Is most common in new body piercings exposed to environmental conditions such as summer humidity.  

Jewelry that is too tight and pressurizes the skin is also known as a contributor to hyper-trophic scarring on piercings.

Cartilage piercings such as Industrials, conch, and nostril piercings are the most prevalent piercings associated with hyper-trophic scarring.

Body piercing is inflicting a wound and getting the jewelry to heal around the jewelry. Hyper-trophic scarring occurs at the sight of a wound (piercing) by producing an over abundance of collagen on the surrounding skin in the form of a raised bump. This usually occurs within 2-8 weeks following a new piercing.

Everyone who has a problem or a new piercing that is still healing should be doing sea salt soaks at least once a day.

A warm mild sea saltwater solution irrigates lymph and oil, cleanses, and allows the cells to rejuvinate. Salt soaks keep the cells hydrated while flushing out fluid and cellular material that accumulate in the wound. This reduces crusting and helps prevent pockets of trapped matter, which can create unsightly and difficult-to-eliminate bumps and keloids. If this debris is not removed, it will impede healing. The warm water also opens capillaries and stimulates blood flow, which transports oxygen to the region, promoting healing. 


Let us Service Your Piercing!

At Finder's Keepers we are here to help you through the healing process of your piercing. Sometimes piercings can be difficult to heal due to the environment or season of the year. Some people will develop an allergic reaction to the jewelry or just have trouble healing their piercing. One of the most common issues we see is hypertrophic scarring. We have treatments and solutions available to deal with hypertrophic scarring. Something as simple as using the wrong aftercare could be a problem. What ever your needs, we would like to help. Stop by the studio and consult your professional piercer. We specialize in problem piercings.

Please consult a physician or get medical care if you feel it is necessary. 
Stop by and let us assess your piercing and help get you back on track with the healing process.

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